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Judul The Misapplication of Severity-of-Illness Scores toward Clinical Decision Making
Abstract Decision tools and severity-of-illness scores are two distinct
entities with different derivation methodologies and applications.
In real-world practice, however, decision tools and severity-ofillness
scores are frequently used interchangeably, resulting in the
misapplication of severity-of-illness scoring systems to inform
clinical decision making. The Sepsis III clinical criteria for
the assessment of sepsis (in particular, the quick Sequential
Organ Failure Assessment [qSOFA] score) and associated
recommendations, recently presented by the Society of Critical
Care Medicine and the European Society of Intensive Care
Medicine Sepsis III task force (1, 2), may represent another such
misapplication. As we discuss herein, clinicians and investigators
must be cognizant of the distinction between severity-of-illness
scores and decision tools to improve clinical decision making and
ultimately prevent patient harm.